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Yoga education

An introduction to Body Intelligence

Body Intelligence is a FUN-ctional movement based practice that encourages a humble listening to the biomechanics of the body and a deeper understanding of how our posture provides us important information about our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Gain a meaningful connection in anatomy and body-mind movement practices as applied to our current lives and the yoga of today.

Yoga education

Yoga Leadership (Teacher) Trainings

Yoga leadership training is rooted in humility and authenticity as a way to encouraging the individual to remain a student of life always and to lead from that place.

In Balance empowers heart forward teachers to share their passion from their personal life experience and guide their class from the innate wisdom of each individuals body. Uncover the yoga teachings from a modern day perspective so that it is accessible to your everyday life, on and off the mat.

Body Intelligence Yoga is a FUNctional movement based practice that encourages a humble listening to the biomechanics of the body and inspires a deeper understanding of how our posture provides us important information about our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

200hr Yoga Leadership Training

Learn the FUNdamentals of Body Intelligence Yoga and Heart Forward Leadership as applied to teaching the practice of yoga that supports the modern day yogi.

100hr Body Intelligence Mentorship

This movement mentorship is for the lifelong yoga student that we all are, and equally fantastic for the advanced yoga teacher looking to expand into the neuromyofascial networks. You will improve your kinetic literacy and empower your relationship of feeling your experience rather than analyzing it. Lets dive in shall we!

Having studied and practiced with Kaitlin for less than a year, and having recently completed her 200 hour RYT In Balance Teacher Training, I don’t know whether to be speechless or effusive! …One of the most electrifying individuals I’ve ever been privileged to know, Kaitlin teaches and practices from an authentic place of incredibly deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and Yogic practice, and puts it all together in a way that’s inviting and accessible to every student. She has a unique brand of fiery and fun energy that encourages her students to challenge themselves in every aspect of their practice and learning.! ! With her inspiring training partners and guest l lecturers, a broad foundation is built in each student, piece by piece and stone by stone, drawing from the ancient roots of ancestral Yoga, to today’s ever-evolving practice and teaching techniques! Whether your goal is to teach and share Yoga with the world around you, or simply to broaden and deepen your own practice, an In Balance Teacher Training or Yoga Intensive program with Kaitlin is an unforgettable and priceless experience.

     Client LoveJames Fisher

The Foundation of Teaching Yoga

This holistic yoga teaching certification course will help you to create an inspiring and deep yoga practice, while providing thorough preparation for the aspiring yoga teacher in you. We are honoured to bring together scholars, health professionals and senior yoga teachers as part of our teaching faculty.

Over the course, you will deepen your knowledge of the science and philosophy of yoga meanwhile unraveling your creative potential in your personal expression and integration of the practice. Learn to teach Body Intelligence Yoga that incorporates a FUNctional movement based yoga, breathing techniques and mindfulness practices to address the needs of our modern day yoga students. Deliver guidance in your own individual way, from the heart, with awareness, compassion, sensitivity and clarity. By the end of the course you will be able confidently to convey your own experience of yoga’s transforming power to your students with ease and confidence.

This foundational program is grounded in living a life in balance and harmony with all aspects of being. We encourage deep introspection to the ways in which we continually deprive, avoid and disengage from our lives and ask you to show up 100% to the process of becoming the most authentic version of you. The yoga teacher training program is the amazing vehicle in which we help you to uncover your greatest self.

We use the teachings of yoga to explore our inner dialogue (saboteurs), our breath (pranayama), our habitual patterns (samskaras) with our physical practice (asanas). We firmly believe that every path of this old tradition should be acknowledged but also explored in conjunction with the exciting, new research and studies of the 21st century yoga.

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Our yoga pazaaz!

Essential oils have become a huge part of my life at home and on the mat. I am so blessed to love what I do everyday and share all the healing benefits I have gained from living a more holistic lifestyle.