Practice Yoga with Kaitlin Armstrong

We have a nervous system, and that nervous system has a big job. It tries to relay to our thinking brain when we are in danger, when we feel safe, when we are hot, cold or get a bad vibe from someone or something. When we don’t take the time to acknowledge what our nervous system thinks of a new space we have just entered, we are tasking it with more than it can handle sometimes. If we can take a moment to see and feel the new space we have just entered into, we can align our nervous system with our conscious mind and truly take in our surroundings. If we live in a high stress world, like many of us do, it’s all to easy to let the nervous system take over and decide we are in danger when really we aren’t. Today let’s give it a hand and take in our surroundings, embrace the beauty around us and let the stress roll away.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]