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All things video:

Video support & insight.

Core Concepts:

Learning to turn on your Deep Core line is nothing to laugh at, well sometimes it is, but here we explore the deepest parts of our physical bodies and how to integrate them into your practice.

Lengthen Your Spine; Lengthen Your Life:

A healthy spine is nothing to take for granted, here we dig into the movements and recipes to give your spine the length and strength it needs to keep you upright and untight.

Mindful Movement:

Sometimes you need to take your practice inward. In these videos, we explore movement at mindful level and focus on getting that nervous system relaxed and unraveled.

Party In Your Pants:

Sometimes we just need to party on, below the belt. Here we get into those hips, quads, knees, toes and everywhere in our lower body. You will learn how important this party in your pants can be to whole body health.

Downside Up Fun:

Putting the Up in Upside down, here we learn the ropes and basics needed to find your inversion practice solid, safe and FUN.

The Optimal Office:

Just because we sit most of the day doesn’t mean we have to be any less than our Optimal Selves. Movements focused on getting the office wiggles out and finding a healthy mobile body in our office world.