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Yoga Education

An introduction to Body Intelligence

Body Intelligence is a FUN-ctional movement based practice that encourages a humble listening to the biomechanics of the body and a deeper understanding of how our posture provides us important information about our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Gain a meaningful connection in anatomy and body-mind movement practices as applied to our current lives and the yoga of today.

Come Learn with Us!

Upcoming Trainings:

200hr Teacher Training & 150hr Immersion

August 9th – 23rd, 2019, Nelson BC

This is our 5th year at the magical Mountain Waters Retreat for 2-weeks diving deep into ourselves and our practice, while being nurtured and held by the nature of the Purcell Mountains.

Fascia Yoga Immersion

Fascia Yoga Immersion – 50hr

October 2019

Join Kaitlin and Celina Hwang, a fascia expert coming all the way from Switzerland, for this immersion to explore fascia, yoga and the connection to overall wellbeing.

8 Week Prenatal Series – Modo Yoga Nanaimo

Marc 23rd – May 5th, 2019 (Saturdays 3-4:30pm)
Discover your inner-strength. Connect with baby. Learn to trust your body.
I am offer meditations and a yoga practice during this series to provide experiential preparation for labour and parenthood.
Drop-ins welcome.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This Teacher Training is for anyone who is open to an experience that encourages you outside your comfort zone and inspires you to use the yoga teachings to overcome the resistance that arises when you don’t know what is going to happen next.  Lets explore fluidity and diversity in our movement on the mat so we can be more adaptable and curious in our lives.

You must be curious above all else.  Whether this is your first experience with yoga or you have been practicing and teaching for years, all are welcome.  This training is very unique and will give you an amazing anatomically intelligent platform to learn from your body as well as authentically rich practices to take into your life.

No you do not need to become a teacher.  About 25% of students chose to take this experience for their own personal growth and to build a strong personal practice.  My husband Ben was one of those students that soaked in all the teachings and then applied them to make his life more fulfilling.

Check out the 150 Yoga Immersion option

This is variance everyday with the inclusion of hikes to the lake for a swim, free time for some rest and a diversity of topics we cover but here is a glimpse in what a day looks like.
630am with meditation and practice.
830 Breakfast
930am Body Intelligence Play shop – anatomy and kinaesthetic literacy
1145am Practice
1pm lunch
230pm Teaching Methodology and heart forward leadership
430pm Practice
630 dinner
8pm Yoga FEEL-osophy and  ball rolling.
200 hour is for those looking to have certifiable teacher training hours.  This is for the first timers and for the seasoned alike, looking to deepen their understanding of the body and how to teach in a more authentic and outside the box way.
150 hour immersion is for those that want to deepen their practice and understanding of their body but do not want to learn to teach yoga.

The Nelson Training includes all your accommodation at Mountain Waters retreat for 2 weeks, 3 full organic meals everyday, your In Balance Training Manual and your 200 hour Canadian Yoga Alliance certificate upon completion of all the requirements.

Body Intelligence is a FUN-ctional movement based practice using the latest research on the neuromyofascial network to give you a deeper understanding of how our posture provides us important information about our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.  Gain a meaningful connection in anatomy and body-mind movement practices as applied to our current lives and the yoga of today.   Learn to listen to the intelligence of your own body and flow more intuitively with the rhythms and wisdom of your unique unfolding.

There is no pressure put on homework however there are a few things you must complete in order to receive your certificate.  These include:

– 20 hours of diversity in practice where you attend as many different teachers and styles of yoga that you have available (you will receive this form upon registration and this can be completed before training starts)

– 30 minute practice teach (you will complete this at teacher training with our full support)

– 5 hours  of Karma work in any area that lights you up

– 5 hours of practice teaching with 20 feedback and reflection forms completed (5, one hour long classes to be taught to a minimum of 4 people or more and feedback sheets completed by the attendees.  This must be done after training).

-We offer a reading list for your own pleasure and curiosity with only 3 mandatory books to read

14 is our maximum number of students we accept as we like to keep the group intimate and the learning more experiential.

This journey is each our own.  You will have all the tools, practices and resources to support you in teaching yoga and we encourage it right away as resistance gets more daunting as time from training accumulates.  However we also understand that you might not feel totally ready and can offer mentorship after the training if this is something you wish to explore.

You will be accredited with the Canadian Yoga Alliance that is accepted everywhere in Canada.  They also have insurance available for yoga teachers at a discount with the In Balance school certification.

This holistic yoga teaching certification course will help you to create an inspiring and deep yoga practice, while providing thorough preparation for the aspiring yoga teacher in you. 

Over the course, you will deepen your knowledge of the science and philosophy of yoga meanwhile unraveling your creative potential in your personal expression and integration of the practice.  We use the teachings of yoga to explore our inner dialogue (saboteurs), our breath (pranayama), our habitual patterns (samskaras) with our physical practice (asanas). We firmly believe that every path of this old tradition should be acknowledged but also explored in conjunction with the exciting, new research and studies of the 21st century yoga.

Learn to teach Body Intelligence Yoga that incorporates a FUNctional movement based yoga, that investigates the neuromyofascial network and how it holds the stories of our lives.  We will explore posture and movement in a way that liberates underserving habits, unkind self beliefs and encourage freedom of expression.  We will review anatomy to support our new language of movement intelligence that isn’t biomechanically fragmenting the individual into pieces but offering a wholistic and body, mind connective understanding of why we practice so that our lives are impacted positively too.  We explore working with physical and emotional injuries, trauma and the power of connecting to our chakras.

You will be able to deliver guidance in your own individual way, from the heart, with awareness, compassion, sensitivity and clarity. By the end of the course you will be able confidently to convey your own experience of yoga’s transforming power to your students with ease and confidence.

You will also learn about some of the philosophies and models of yoga as applied to a modern day life, as well as the business of yoga.

This foundational program is grounded in living a life in balance and harmony with all aspects of being. We encourage deep introspection to the ways in which we continually deprive, avoid and disengage from our lives and ask you to show up 100% to the process of becoming the most authentic version of you. The yoga teacher training program is the amazing vehicle in which we help you to uncover your greatest self.

Body Intelligence Yoga and Meditation 50%

Living your Yoga and Feel-osophis 20%

Leading from the heart and teaching methodology 30%

Nature, playtime, laughter, fun 100%

Yes we certainly do.  The In Balance way offers you a personalized payment plan so that you can stay balanced in your life too.  You build your own financial outline and submit it to us and we support you in this freedom to create a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly structure that gives you the flexibility to meet your needs.  The sooner you start the smaller you can make the payments.