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Rigidity Rebel: Practice you

You know that feeling when your clinging to the outcome having to look a certain way. And you know how your body hardens and calcifies to those set expectations. And then you know how your rigid opinions and concrete fixation manifest disappointment when it doesn’t happen that way and maybe even an argument because somebody doesn’t agree or an experience of loss because you didn’t want to change.
And How that plays out in the body is stickiness and stuckness to the patterns and planes of movement that you are comfortable with. Like when it goes outside of those spaces that part of you that is afraid of failing or scared of change becomes triggered and it’s a quick shot to point the finger or run in the other direction back to the circumstances that offer the familiar.
Unfortunately clinging to a your comfort zones and holding them so tightly as if they are going to solve your problems, build a false sense of control.
The truth is life is constantly offering us the opportunity to be friends with change. The nature of this experience day in and day out is impermanent and as much as it might seem possible to hold on to your youth or your partners love or your sharp memory, these too will change.
This practice of showing up to the mat then could be a place to strengthen our ability to adapt in unknown, to evolve in brand new, to shed the dead weight of old perspectives and expand into innovative realms of not yet told. When movement becomes stiff in its rules and rigid in its shape, more tightness develops into patterns that are overused and lash out in the form of pain and injury.
Instead we look to the seaweed in the ocean adapting between turbulent storms and calm clear days, the practice must inspire this important malleability. So no matter what life throws your way, you are able to change direction, try something different and flow with the evolving seasons and unplanned monsoons.
So What if the pose wasn’t the point at all and instead was just a container for playful curiosity to explore. What if the only alignment you truly need to worry about is your heart leading and your breath set free in the extensive playground that is you meeting your life right now.
You can’t fix things without changing, you must change to fix things. So stop practicing poses as fixed shapes that can be perfected and allow your aliveness to meet the always changing never the same experience of body communicating through movement to interact with self unfolding. Drop the habits rooted in needing things to be a certain way for you to be ok and open wide to adventuring into the unknown and unpredictable of this magical life.
So repeat after me. “I commit to a practice that is strengthening my resiliency, softening my resistances and opening me to adaptability as an agent for anything is possible. I commit to strive less and just live more. To savour the time spent with awesome people, to relish in unexpected circumstances and happen chances, to bask in less doing and more being free in my expression of ‘I am open to more than what I already know’. I commit to integrity in my pliability to bend and bow, extend and transform over and over again.’ So here we go on another adventure of I have know idea what is going to happen next.
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