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Wellness Retreat & Yoga Vacation in Mexico 2018

From: $1,975.00

Pay a deposit of $1,000.00 per item


Haramara Retreat, Sayulita, Mexico


Saturday, January 13, 2018 12:00pm
Saturday, January 20, 2018 12:00pm

Re-Awaken your senses in the luscious wonders of one of the top ten yoga retreats in the world in Mexico. Complete with yoga, and mindful living workshops, clean local eating and rejuvenating time for relaxation, this life-changing yoga retreat will promote expansion, growth and healing. Come explore the endless sandy beaches, world class surfing and luxurious accommodations nestled amongst the jungle with panoramic views overlooking the ocean in beautiful Sayulita.

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Dorm: $1975.00 (+ tax), Triple: $2150.00 (+ tax), Double: $2550.00 (+ tax), Single: $3825.00 (+ tax)

Yoga Vacation Includes:

  • 8 days/7 nights accommodation at Haramara Retreat, Mexico
  • 2 yoga classes daily (including a few sunrise sessions)
  • 3 locally sourced, wholesome meals daily
  • Surf and paddle board rentals available
  • Spa services and excursions available

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About Your Instructors

Kaitlin Armstrong

Kaitlin completed her 500 hour Moksha Yoga Instructors Training (Hatha and Iynegar based) in June 2012 to compliment her existing qualifications as an Exercise Physiologist and Holistic Health Practitioner. She started doing yoga over 8 years ago in university and saw how powerfully life changing Yoga became in helping manage daily physical and mental stress as well as increasing overall happiness and well-being. Kaitlin’s yoga instruction is rooted in her passion for lifelong health and happiness. Kaitlin has been working with chronic illness management, rehabilitative programs as well athletics for the past 8 years in a variety of settings and loves to explore posture and body alignment in depth. As a happy hippy at heart, Kaitlin takes great pride in helping others find natural health and balance in their lives in a manner that is both inspiring and sustainable.

Amanda Gergely

Amanda is a certified Processor through the Advanced Coaching and Leadership center (ACLC)
in Dallas Texas. She has been studying Knowledgism for 2 years, traveling every 3 months to
Dallas Texas for training.
“My journey for personal development and life enhancement started a long time ago, I always
felt like the answers were out there for me to find. I signed up and took almost every course
that come my way. I took every business development course, personal growth workshop, read
every self-help book I could find. And it always left me feeling more overwhelmed, like I was
never doing enough or could never be enough.
At that time in my life, my husband and I were running 3 businesses and we were so out of
communication with each other that our marriage and work life were a daily struggle. The
smallest problem felt like the end of the world. I was so overwhelmed; I couldn’t see out of the
problem that was right in front of me. I was letting life create me and I was angry.
In October 2014 I met Ceil Stanford and my life changed forever. She explained that Life is a
process, a series of actions, we can be at cause over these actions or at effect of everything
happening to us. I realized that I was the only thing stopping me from getting what I wanted in
life. I began working with a coach and receiving regular processing sessions.
I was so amazed at the results I was getting through working with ACLC that I started to study
the technology Knowledgism. I wanted to help others gain the same results that I did.
On this retreat in Mexico you will learn the vital tools that will immediately change your life for
the better; help you focus your attention; increase your power; which will allow you to play
bigger games and create new wants and goals..

Amanda has done additional training in Women’s Health and Fertility studying under Debra Betts, Zita West and Randine Lewis. As well as training in Matt Callison’s Sport Medicine Acupuncture for musculoskeletal disorders along with Whitfield Reaves Sports Medicine Acupuncture. Amanda is also a reiki practitioner and loves to incorporate Reiki in her acupuncture treatments.

“Amanda believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and that acupuncture and massage therapy are two of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body. She is also a strong supporter of self care and daily yoga practice.”

— Client Love

“You have changed my life. It still boggles my mind how everything unfolded, and how I’ve waited 35 years for this. I am eternally grateful for the both of you. For coming into my life, and for guiding me into the journey of loving ME! So much love and gratitude.”

xoxo — Ange