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Teacher Training Nelson, BC

From: $3,550.00

Pay a deposit of $1,000.00 per item


Mountain Waters Retreat, Nelson, BC.

Aug 10-24th 2018

Step into your most playful, alive and authentic self. Live your life from your whole heart.

Hello my friends,

We are so pumped to have your amazing self on this exciting journey… #BOLD AHEAD!!!In Balance Yoga “leadership” training is rooted in humility and authenticity as a way of encouraging you to remain a student of life always and to lead from that place.  We want to empower the heart forward teacher inside of you to share your passion from you personal life experiences and from the innate wisdom of your unique body.Join Kaitlin Armstrong, and Tara Heal on a 2 week Yoga journey that explores Body Intelligence Yoga and Heart Forward Leadership as applied to teaching the practice of yoga in a modern way. Gain a meaningful connection in FUN-ctional anatomy and body-mind movement practices that encourages a humble listening to your unique biomechanics and inspires a deeper understanding of how your posture provides important information about your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.  Lets dive into the yoga teachings in a way that has real meaning to your everyday roles and responsibilities so that you can always show up the best version of yourself.  Lets be ourselves and see what we can do from there!!!

With love and gratitude

-Kaitlin Armstrong

Kaitlin Armstrong


Kaitlin Armstrong is a Kinesiologist that loves to share her passion for FUNctional movement and as an anatomy geek, she is fascinated by the teachings of her body. She encourages her students to cultivate an intimate relationship with their unique physical landscape to better understand the mental and emotional fabrics of their life experiences and how to reengineer a version of body and mind that supports lifelong freedom and joy.


Tara Heal

Tara Heal is so delighted to now call Beautiful British Columbia home from a wild and wonderful 12 year stint teaching yoga and performing on stages in NYC and around the globe. As a Yogi of 16 years and a mover/ shaker/ dancer for as long as she can remember, she’s is extremely passionate about the power and peace that mindful, intelligent movement can foster. Tara’s teaching style is spirited, dynamic, musical, and joyful! She guides with deliberate, intelligent sequencing and conscious alignment to encourage more flexibility and strength while also bringing choice and intuitive movement to the practice for greater body awareness, creativity and freedom.

Tara has taught groups from all walks of life from NHL teams, to Olympic Athletes, to Broadway dancers, to seniors, runners, teens, to many a hedge fund and fashion company. As a mentor and “teacher’s teacher ” for those seeking a deeper experience with this life changing practice, she is always ecstatic to share, support, and “geek out” over sequencing, alignment, philosophy, and teaching methodology. She hopes to guide yoga and movement teachers to find their most authentic voice and to teach fearlessly from the heart and from the intelligence and wisdom not just of their minds, but from the information their bodies convey too.

 Tara first trained under Mary Bruce, Johnna Smith in New York City with Rod Stryker’s Yoga One: Tantra Vinyasa (200 hr), later with Moksha/ Modo Yoga International Hatha (500 hr), soon after was sponsored for Moksha/ Modo Flow with Dina Tshouluhas (150 hr) as a senior teacher and mentor for Modo Yoga NYC, and recently under Carly Forest for Yin Yoga in 2017. Countless immersions, workshops, and further development include YuMee Chung, Kula Yoga Project, NY Iyengar Institute, Janet Stone, Matt Phippen, Laughing Lotus NYC, Witold Fitz-Simmons, Christine Price Clark, Natalie Rouseau…Needless to say, Tara will be a lifelong student! Tara is currently on the teaching faculty ONE Yoga and Mosksha Yoga in Victoria, BC, and when she’s not in the studio you’ll find her hiking with her hubby Gordon, or on stage with a microphone singin’ her heart out. EnJOYing the journey!

A Day in the life in Nelson:

630am: Meditation and Yoga Practice

8am: Breakfast

9am: Lecture

1130am Yoga Practice

1230-1pm: Lunch

230pm Hike to beach and lecture with swim breaks or outside lecture under a tree

530pm Free time to play or rest

630pm: Dinner

730pm: Circle, Gentle Practice and/or Meditation

930-10pm: Bed time

**Prices Include 14 days accommodations and food**

200hr Certified Teacher Training  $4250 + GST

500hr Certified Teacher Training (for those who have completed 200hr)  $4550 + GST

200hr Yoga Immersion $3550 + GST