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Meditation practice:

Breathe in, feel and be you

Meditations for wherever you are… Can you guess where she is?

Meditation: Refresh

Nature is a natural medicine we all have access to. Try to take this meditation outside, or get outside today and enjoy some fresh sweet natural air!

Meditation: Inhale

Using our breath we can genuinely find peace and calm. In this meditation we breathe and notice its power within and how to bring that into the rest of our day.

Where the Boarders Sail

This morning meditation will give a sense on connection to nature. Finding our place in nature is something which takes practice and also can fill the soul greater than almost anything else in this life. Sit down, breathe in and…

Little Lake, Little Islands

Our world is ours to shape. Think of it as as sculpture we get a chance to form day in and day out, it’s all up to us. Sometimes a meditation can help us find what is needed and guide…

Canada’s Hawa’ii

There is something magical inside all of us, a light and a fire we sometimes need to be reminded of. Sit with me here as we dive into ourselves and find ways to seek this light out and let it…

Listening Meditation

Listening can be hard, but it’s an amazing way to connect with other humans. IF we can do it intentionally. This meditation will help you centre yourself and open up to those around you.

Walking Meditation

We all walk and we all get in our heads. This meditation is best taken on the road as a literal walk-in meditation, but it’s not necessary. It’s a great way to start a day full of moving around and…

Spaces Meditation

Enter a new space, look around and feel your nervous system relax. This meditation is a great way to set up your day with utter awareness for the world around you and bring a deep sense of love for this…

Dishes Meditation nemesis. I find if I can quiet my mind and acknowledge how lucky I am to have dishes, or water to wash them in, that my dish doing gets more and more lovely and calming. This meditation will help…

Social Media Meditation

Social Media is a huge part of al our lives these days. In this meditation let's reflect on where we are both mentally and physically. Taking the time to see the sweet spots in your life can do wonders, something…

Driving Meditation

Point A to Point B can be quite the journey. If you have ever let your mind wander and forgotten how you arrived, this day in our Meditation Challenge Journey is for you. Use this meditation to bring ultimate awareness…

Sitting Meditation

We all sit and we all like it from time to time. But when was the last time you noticed how often you sit in a 24 hours period? This meditation is a great place to start bringing awareness to…

Eating Meditation

Food is one of my favourite things in this human experience. I truly see that my food tastes better when I take the time to slow down and mindfully enjoy it. This meditation is a slow, easy way to start…

Water Meditation

Water is our life source, it is all natures life source. This meditation helps us to reflect on nature and our part in it. We are fully integrated into the natural world, so let’s recognize that and embrace it.

Meditation: Sit

Using our sit bones as our roots, in this meditation we become aware of our surroundings and how our body fits into them. Our posture is very telling, and by bringing our attention to it we can listen, adjust and…

The Arid State

A morning meditation, with a message of pure gratefulness for the sun rising each day. Sit with me and listen to the call of the day coming up

Meditation: Calm

Work can be busy, we can be calm. This workplace mediation will help bring peace to a hectic work day.

Mindful Motoring

Join me in the morning for this guided meditation, you will never guess where I was, neither will I.  I am sitting somewhere in our home on wheels, Toots. Use this sit to get your day off to an amazing…

Not The Rockies

Sometimes we convince ourselves we are lacking something, or many things.  Use this meditation in the morning to help start your day fresh and grateful.

Salty Spring

This meditation takes us on a journey from breath to spine.  Use this one to ground yourself and have an amazing start to your day.

Saint Francisco

The Spine is our conduit for love, for peace and is the centre of this meditation. If we can tune into our spine and the power within it, we can find peace, anywhere.

A Lovely Land of Peace and Calm

Here we tune into how our day can or has shaped our thoughts.  All too often we let our brains do the the thinking, this can lead to systemic negative thoughts and beliefs.  This meditation can help us check in…

The Wind Built This Scape

In this sit you will explore the depths of the physical body as it relates to your meditation.  Too often we forget that in order to sit, we need our physical presence to be known and acknowledged.

Where the Devil Parties

In this meditation we search inside ourselves to find our place in nature and how to use it to bring us to complete presence.

Sharks Cove

We are nature and nature is part of our practice.  In this meditation we use nature to appreciate our bodies and how integrated we truly are to the natural world around us.  

Where in the World is Kaitlin Meditating?

Intro to the search of a lifetime. Can you guess where she is?

The Peaceful Valley

Using breath, you will find more acceptance of your minds wanderings.  Sitting still can be easy if our minds and body agree on why we are here.

Gateway to the Rockies

Bring some mindfulness to your posture.  While we meditate our posture can be used as an anchor to bring ourselves back to our physical presence when it’s all too easy to lose that awareness.

The People Before Us Took Shelter and Calm

In this meditation we learn how to use our surroundings to be the muse of our mindfulness.  The spaces we choose to sit in can be our best tool to find our way back to ourselves and the presence we…

High Up We Reserve Our Water

Here we explore deep parts of our mind.  We explore how we think about ourselves and how this can present itself in our bodies

A River Ran Along It

Stillness is something we are taught as children, something we are forced to do in our culture.  Sometimes it is more important than others, when we can sit still and listen to ourselves we can tap into a different place.…

Under The Bridge

Good ol’ fashion simple morning meditation.  Sit with me and enjoy.

The Desert Within

Sit with me as we feel into the dry spots of our bodies.  This is a great way to start your day and bring some more fluidity into your body and soul