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Body Intelligence Series:

Core Concepts

Learning to turn on your Deep Core line is nothing to laugh at, well sometimes it is, but here we explore the deepest parts of our physical bodies and how to integrate them into your practice.

*Foundations = Intro + Exercises*

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This Baby Steps Practice will bring you back to basics.  Using Bear Pose, we explore the movements we all began with as babies.

Seaweed and Jellyfish rejoice! This class will help bring some of that fluid motion and liquid back to your spine and body. You will want a Myofascial release ball, 1-2 blocks, a blanket (or something slippery on carpet) and a bolster (optional).

When we sit all day our fascia gets dried out like a sea tongue (see video for what a Sea Tongue is). This practice will help hydrate your tissues, get the fluidity back that is meant to be in our bodies. There are lots of fun movements, lots of new flowing patterns and in true Kaitlin fashion it’s all in the name of deep core.

A Core Concepts Class focused on finding Anatomical Neutral, that natural place of balance when our spine is stacked, our shoulders are where they are meant to be and we feel grounded and connected to the earth below our feet.

This is a solo practice at the lake. FUN-tional, fluid and fantastic! No essential oils used in this practice and no props needed, except your usuals that is.

A Core Concepts Class centered in learning Uddiyana Bandha practice and engaging your deep core line. The Essential Oil blend used for this class is Breath. You may want a block for this practice.

This Eion Finn inspired fluid flow is an amazing way to wake up or find some flow in the middle of your day. The flows are dynamic and great for anyone. It’s so much fun and was filmed Christmas Morning in Oregon…at the Devil’s Punchbowl

This Core Concepts practice will show you the inner and outer power you contain, full body power movements will get you invigorated. No oils used in this outdoor practice. No props needed.