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Some Party in Your Pants classes may not be available due to issues with video hosting site…sorry about that!  Should be good to go by end of January 2019!

Body Intelligence Series:

Party In Your Pants

Sometimes we just need to party on, below the belt. Here we get into those hips, quads, knees, toes and everywhere in our lower body. You will learn how important this party in your pants can be to whole body health.

*Foundations = Intro + Exercises*

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Open those hips and shake that thang! This foundations video teaches all about how loose hips can lead to a happy life. There are some fun exercises to help develop some awareness to your hip muscles and the connective tissue related to the biggest joint in your body. The essential oil blend used is Deep Blue Rub. You may want 1 or 2 blocks for the practice.

Join me for this early Spring (emphasis on early…) class in my in-laws backyard in Campbell River BC. The sun came out so I decided to capture a practice I was planning on doing anyways. It’s a FUN-ctional class with a focus on the hips and firing up those glutes.

This practice is all about turning on your inner and outer thigh muscles. No Essential Oils used in this class. You may want 1 or 2 blocks and a blanket or sit cushion for this class.

A practice dedicated to your booty and the major muscle groups we use as sit cushions everyday.

This Party In Your Pants Practice is all about firing the muscles which we take for granted while seated in our present culture.  A block or two could come in handy for this class

This Party In Your Pants practice is focused on using those hips for what they were meant for…moving in 3D. The Essential Oil Blend being diffused in Balance. You may want bolster/sit cushion and 1 or 2 blocks for this class.