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Body Intelligence Series:

Optimal Office

Just because we sit most of the day doesn’t mean we have to be any less than our Optimal Selves. Movements focused on getting the office wiggles out and finding a healthy mobile body in our office world.

*Foundations = Intro + Exercises*

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In this video you will learn some movements and exercises to help release tension in your hips and pelvis. When our tail bones and sit bones are tucked underneath we lose mobility in our hips, causing congestion in the joints and hip pain.

We can put the weight of the world down and release our neck and shoulders. The tension the creeps in during the day can cause neck and shoulders pain, here we have some exercises to release that tension and help get us back to an optimal state at work.

In this video we learn some great stretches and exercises to help release tension in the upper body from a day at work. You will open up your wrists, shoulders and necks, being left feeling relieved and calm.

Our core is so much more than our abs. In this video you will learn some movements and exercises to activate your deep core muscles and learn about why it is so important to engage our deep core in everyday movements.

The back line of our bodies are all too often asleep. In this videos you will learn actions to take to turn the backside of your body on and the reasons why that is so important

When we sit for long periods of time our lower body can get cranky. In this video we learn some movements to help stretch and strengthen those lower body muscles to help relieve ourselves of that cranky-ness.

In this Optimal Office Foundations video we will get to a place to find some space in those cranky office sitting hips. You will be set up, warmed up and ready to tackle the Practice after this. Use of your office chair (or any chair) can be a big help for this video, but not necessary.

This Office Series Practice will help you release some of the pent up energy which may arise during your work day, wiggle it out. The essential oils blend used in this practice is Motivate. You may want a chair for this practice.

This Office Series Practice will you to work out some of the tension which can build up in your upper body during your work day. The essential oils used are; Basil, Douglas Fir, Lemon and a blend called Pastense. You may want a block and a strap for this practice.

This Office Series practice offers a great place to begin in understanding your body and it’s relationship to your office environment. The Essential Oils being used are Burgamont, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit. You may want a chair/stool/bench, a blanket and 1 or 2 blocks for this practice.