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Have you been hoping for a Wellness Solutions for your company?  We’ve got you covered!


Hi there,


I hope this finds you well and in need of a boost in your company’s wellness program or a way to kick start the wellness program you’ve been looking for.


We are a small yoga/wellness company called In Balance and we offer a fully automated Optimal Office Online Videos series 100% dedicated to bringing functional Yoga and Meditation/Mindfulness Practices into an office environment.


If you have employees who sit at desks then you are in the same boat as a lot of businesses in today’s world.  As a culture we sit plenty, without the help of needing to be at a computer for extended periods of time for our jobs.


Exercise Physiologist and Yoga Practictioner, Kaitlin Armstrong, has developed Body Intelligence Yoga, a FUN-ctional style of yoga focusing on the bodies of today.  Bodies who sit a lot, not the bodies traditional yoga was developed to address.


Studies have shown that bringing movement and mindfulness, yoga or otherwise, into an office setting can drastically increase productivity and overall moral in the workplace


Our Online Platform is an easy click and go package or can be fully customized to fit any needs or “nice to haves” you can think of.  We recently worked with IBM Canada as part of their Western Canada Wellness Program, we had a dedicated page with a specific log in for employees to view daily releases of meditations and in office yoga/movement classes.  They ran the program for one month with daily releases of Meditations and Practices.  All employees who were interested were given log-in credentials and were able part take in the videos wherever they were. This is one of an infinite number of structures available.


With the Optimal Office Series you will receive:

  • Access to all our Office Specific Meditations and Yoga practices
  • Ability to create more classes specific to your companies needs
  • Ability to have unlimited access forever to full In Balance Video Platform with 100+ videos; Meditations, Yoga Practices, Mindfulness, Education and Empowering Lifestyle videos. (new additions being added always)
  • Option to keep your companies branding consistent on the video platform
  • Discounted access to full In Balance Library
  • Option of in person classes or meditations from Kaitlin Armstrong
  • A happier and more engaged workforce
  • Monthly or ongoing packages available, fully customizable.
  • 24/7 access to all videos you choose.




How do you watch the videos?

All the videos will be accessible from any computer or device with an internet connection.


How will the videos be distributed?

Videos can be sent out via e-mail with a link to new release and each employee can be given log-in access to the platform or page specific content.


Who is Kaitlin Armstrong?

Kaitlin is a practicing Exercise Physiologist and Kinesiologist.  She has been teaching fitness and yoga for almost 15 years and has developed Body Intelligence Yoga as part of In Balance, a Canadian Yoga Alliance Gold Certified Yoga School.  Offering her unique view and take on the yoga practice, she offers an amazing experience into oneself with movement and mindful practices.  Learn more about her here (add in a video)


Why In Balance?

We are a mom and pop shop, so to speak.  It is Kaitlin and I (Ben Armstrong), who own and operate all aspects of In Balance.  Kaitlin offers the substance and depth of knowledge and I shoot, edit and produce all the video and web content.  We are a small business who believe in helping other businesses realize their goals through their most valuable asset; their people.


Who else has used our service?

Our inaugural launch was with IBM Canada.  It was a huge success and we are so proud to have been the wellness program for the month of April.  We offered a month of office specific yoga classes and meditations, the response has been incredible and we are looking forward to next year.


How much does it cost?

The cost structure can be managed and designed to fit your company’s needs.  Our current public online model is $12/month per person for access to our entire library.  $2 of every monthly fee is donated to the charity that person picked upon registration.  Again, our plans are fully customizable, including the price.  We find the most benefit is a per person fee, either ongoing or for a certain time frame.


How long are the videos?

The meditation videos specific to the office setting are set at 10-12 minutes, the office specific classes are 12-15 minutes.  The rest of our content ranges in time from 2minutes to 45 minutes.


How accessible are the classes?

The office classes are built with anyone in mind, from an experienced yogi or athlete to someone just getting started.  Our other content ranges in difficulty from entry to very advanced.  The meditations are set up for anyone.



This is a great article with some great insights into why bringing yoga and mindfulness into the work place makes perfect sense.


I’ve included links below to see samples of the classes and meditations we offer specifically to office environments, as well as a coupon code for a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL of our full online platform to see if the videos will suit your company.





14 FREE TRIAL: freetrial14




Please contact us if you are interested in starting or enhancing your company wellness program and we can talk about how to develop a package best suited for your company.  I look forward to working with you and helping your people get closer to the most genuine version of themselves.


Ben & Kaitlin Armstrong

Owners In Balance