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Body Intelligence Series:

Learn Something Why Don't Ya...

This is where we build another muscle in our bodies, our brain.  I am a teacher, so let me teach you!  We have built videos ranging on topics from Essential Oils to Mindfulness Practices to good old fashioned How-to’s.  Enjoy and soak it in!

Build Your Own Practice.  Learn to use your own body as a guide to creating your very own practice for where ever you are.

Learn from Kaitlin in a Workshop setting.  Filmed live so you are able to get to a Kaitlin workshop even when we aren’t in your city

Learn the building blocks of Body Intelligence Yoga and how to implement the teachings in your everyday.

Discover all things In Balance.  From lifestyle to life hacks to How-to’s, come find your lighter side and have fun doing it.

Learn Body Intelligence

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