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The Body Intelligence


To become our best selves we need a foundation

Waking Up the Backline Tidbit

Just because we are sitting on our backside, doesn’t mean we ‘using it’ effectively…

Neck and Shoulders Tidbit

Ease that shoulder tension from work

Office Lower Body Tidbit

Who says you can’t Tree at work

Asymmetrically In Balance – FUN-datmental #9

We are not balanced beings, whether we want to admit it or not. Our bodies operate differently on different sides and in different scenarios, so why is our practice so focused on both sides being the same? Yes we need…

ROM Rules of Respiration – Body Intelligence FUN-damental #7

Our breath and our nervous system are fully integrated. If we can learn to learn from them as a team, we may just find ourselves more calm, confident and able in our practice.

Power Up The Deep Core Line – Body Intelligence FUN-damental #5

Stand in your power, feel your Deep Core Line as the core of who you are. When we do this we can live our best life.

FUN-ctional Curiosity – Body Intelligence FUN-damental #2

Being Curious is not just for the cat. When we can live in a way that empowers our playful and curious bodies, we will find out just how amazing we really are. Let’s get outside, let’s play and be the…

Your Body is Bio-Intelligent – FUN-damental #1

We are biological beings, not mechanical. What might happen if we begin to look at our systems as a whole organism working together, rather than levers and pulleys to be greased and repaired? When we stop identifying with our bodies…