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Body Intelligence Series:

Downside Up Fun

Putting the Up in Upside down, here we learn the ropes and basics needed to find your inversion practice solid, safe and FUN.

*Foundations = Intro + Exercises*

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Downside Up Fun Class geared towards giving your shoulders some love. Forearm stand is the peak pose and we need our shoulders to be happy and strong if we want to accomplish this delightful inversion.

This Downside Up Fun practice is all about the foundation of crow pose: your claws (hands). Being at outside class there are no essential oils used in this practice. No props either.

This Downside Up Fun practice is all about “Head”-stand. Focused on shoulder strength and a build up to headstand done with minimal weight and pressure on your precious head. Essential Oil blend being used is InTune. You may need a blanket, a strap and 1 or 2 blocks for this practice.