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7 Weeks to Your Optimal Office Body

This is your home base for the next 7 weeks! Please poke around and get comfortable!

Have Fun!

Any questions or if you just want to say Hi, feel free to email us at

Week 1

Take a Load Off: Neck & Shoulders

It is no secret that sitting at a computer all day can give way to some neck and shoulder pain.  This can be due to our posture, how our pelvis is relating to our seat or even our stress vs. happiness level we feel throughout the day.

This Week’s class will help ease some of that tension and accompanied with the Meditation, you feel amazing….I Promise!

Week 2

Release the Tail

The relationship we have to our pelvis can tell us a lot about ourselves.  You know when a dog is being bad and hides it’s tail between it’s legs?  Well us humans tend to hold our shame in the same way, we tuck our tail bones under in an effort to hide our sacrum. 

The best thing we can do throughout the day is to try to release our tails from this position, so open our hearts and minds, not to mention the lower back and hip pain sitting with our tails tucked can cause.

Week 3

Deep Core Integration

When we say core, we are not talking about your six pack here.  We aren’t suggesting you do crunches.  In fact your Deep Core is a fascial web which run from your toes to your tongue, meaning everything in between is connected and affected by one another.

By integrating our deep core line more often throughout the day we begin to build new neural pathways teaching our bodies new tricks and new ways to hold itself.  This new way of holding ourselves can translate into less physical pain and best of more emotional health.

When our core is strong, our hearts are strong.

Week 4

Waking Up The Backline

What is our Back Line?  

Simple really, it’s the back of our body and all the muscles, tendons, fascia and nerves that go with it.  It’s very common in our culture that we are not very good at using this line of our body.  We are great at using our very strong front body muscles to move, but the back line can get neglected, therefore weak and therefore can bring us pain.

Week 5

Lower Body Partay!

Our Lower Body can tell us a lot, especially when we sit for long periods of time.  If our seated posture isn’t taken into consideration we find ourselves with some real pains in the butt…

It’s really important to strengthen our lower body, keep our hips nimble and to do our best to keep the blood flow going.

Week 6

Tense No More: Upper Body Ease

Keeping the Upper Body in shape is something we know very well in our culture.  Rock hard abs, jacked arms and pecks are something we have com to associate with “being in shape”.  But what about mobility?

Most of our discomfort comes from a lack of mobility, not necessarily strength (although strength plays a role for sure).  That said when we want to find space in our day to lessen the tension built up in our upper bodies we should focus on what we can do to create more mobility in an active manner (not just passive stretching!)

Week 7

Sitting is the New Smoking

We all know smoking is bad for you, it can lead to very serious long term health issues.  This is drilled into our heads from a young age, yet some of us choose to smoke, that’s fine, to each their own.

Now we are finding that the sitting epidemic in our western culture is leading to some very serious health issues as we age.  Not just some physical pain either.  Mental health is improved when we move, our organs feel better and work more fluidly, our mood is elevated and yes our heart gets a workout.

You'll Have to Wait 😉