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Build Your Own Practice

Learn to build the practice YOU need

I Wonder What Wander Would Bring? – Film (B.Y.O.P)

Get curious, about yourself. Be open to what you might find. Use your practice as a place to practice being who you really are.

Medicine Diversity Film

Diversity is an integral part of life. Choosing to diversify our practice is taking the first step to viewing the world through new eyes and opening to experiencing more than you know right now.

Rigidity Film – B.Y.O.P

Rigidity is something we all have and something we all have a right to overcome. When things in our life get rigid, including our practice, the best thing we can do is inject some fluidity and see what happens. Please…

Rigidity Practice – B.Y.O.P

Being adaptable and fluid is a gift we all have access to. This practice will help you find a place outside of what you may already know and encourage you to see yourself as maneuverable and more like liquid.

Listen to Your Body Practice

  **Click here to sign up for unlimited access to all Body Intelligence Yoga classes, meditations and educational videos!** When we can listen to what our body is telling us during our practice we can continually give ourselves what we…

Listen to your Body – Film

  **Click here to sign up for our newsletter to receive weekly FREE practices, meditations and more videos like this one!!** Yoga is about you and your unique body. When we can drop into ourselves and hear what our physical…