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Belonging: My Body Rhapsody

Its like coming home – safe, sweatpants and undisclosed. 

Home has become something comfortable in its denial and disinterest in the truth of what we are hiding from.  Lying on the couch numbing out with TV and packaged food again, swiping through social media and buying another possession online to collect, from the gluttonous throne of whats mine is not yours.  Or maybe its a false ego 6 pack, going to the gym to run on a treadmill staring at another screen to avoid being of your body, to flee the truth of spending so much energy bicep curling a dysfunctional meat suit, dieting a detachment in what it really means to feel alive in your own expression. 

Like every other day after work this week, the same abandonment of Self to appease the stock market.  “But I earned my dollars and I will spend them how I damn well please.”

In spite of the forests no longer a place of trees but of cemented strip malls to sell you more polluted seas. 

Its been shipped all the way from a place where people are just as imprisioned as us to the debt we collect so we cant ever pursue our dreams.

We don’t feel at home in our own bodies anymore – like truly inhabit all of ourselves in relationship to this world in which we are part of, dependent to and created from. 

We lose touch with our reason for being, this one particular individual in existence unique amongst the billions of people, mosses, animals and extra fees. 

It can then become easy to slip into an over sized pair of sweatpants that hides the shamed to the corner parts of what we don’t want to see or feel. 

Its painful to pause and breath in this habit beyond our insecurities. 

To be stripped bare, embraced lovingly, every nook and cranny, surfing the somatic sagacity to unveil a piece of compassion that was missing. 

Luckily there is a simple solution with the most confronting answer – we held the key to this problem the whole time.  The road map has been past down by sages, buddhas and peaceful elders all throughout history. 

It starts with being willing to slide off those comfy old sweatpants and instead stand uncomfortably exposed to the truth.    

We must see ourselves in the reflection of the lake – this water is ours to poison or clean.

There is nothing to hide, we are home in our nature outdoors barefoot and dirt under our fingernails after a freshly earned and connected meal well soiled by the wastes of composting the peels, skins and rotted pieces of our fear laden, soul drained resistance. 

Let the earth take it.   

Breathe in the symbiotic grace of our forest lungs. 

Returning to the honest home of our place in this balance of giving and receiving, its never been ours to overrun. 

Let the stress decompress into the waters as you float on your back to reflect and let the sky widen your eyes so the weight of your insignificance is held by the infinite blue. 

For some reason, this life chose me in this time, in this place. in this skin colour, with this unique face.

So what am i doing wasting my pain in avoiding the prozac prescribed youth. 

When i open to my inter-necessity, me, a child dependent of the nourishment of my mother earth, its all too clear-cut and culled beyond repair. 

I awaken more deeply to the fact that my anxiety or upset belly is me turning away from me, and my child, and my grandchildren to be in a future that wont have us if we continue to invest in making more money over cherishing our wealth in nature. 

My pain points is a GPS coordinating my purpose in the heart shouted from the mountain top announcing its time to see differently.

When I understand I am the mono cropped fields poisoned, feeling alone and unyielding, I no longer turn a cold shoulder in ignorance to the desertification of our farms.  I awaken to my malnourished, parched and stagnant belief systems in a conditioning that starves our well-being.  And from this realization, I can hydrate my joints and joys with movement in purposeful change and unclench my ass hole from a bullshit never enough corporate made shame.  My heart might be broken in the truth, but at least it is wide open, pumping compassion and reinvigorating my life’s muse. I am here as a voice for all beings of this planet to remind us we all belong!!!

Our wholeness becomes clear by simply reuniting fully to ourselves, each other and to this home we exist of, through and on.

Love your job or leave it – there is no more time left to waste your god given life on something that doesn’t light you up and in turn light up the world.  We need you.

You are nature’s moving romance, a water based formula tucked in texture.

Drop into your innermost environmental change.

Aim for sincerity in all deserving of kindness through every action we choose.

Clarify your souls food, emerge from the shackles of consumerism and liberate your greatest contributions.

Let us find home in our interdependence, a safe haven devoted by our collective diversity in nature, we return to our humble independence to uniquely co-exist as a whole. 

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