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Kinesiologist meets Surf Bum...

Living happily ever after

A duo that was attracted from the get-go — Peace will spread to every organism on this planet the moment each and every one of us, as a community, can truly be content & honest with who we really are…. Greatness beyond measure!

Passion, health & wellness

For Life

The duo’s greatest passion is encouraging and inspiring others to step into their authentic power and share with the world the greatest version of themselves.

As a happy hippy couple to the core, they take great pride in helping others find natural health and balance in their lives in a manner that is both inspiring and sustainable.

Personally, Kaitlin cherishes the daily practice because it allows her to connect with authenticity at a most joyous level. Kaitlin loves teaching others in the roots of her passion for lifelong health and happiness. She’s humbled at how much more her students teach her everyday.

Kaitlin is fascinated by how the body tells us the story of our thoughts, feelings and attitudes… a map of our moment to moment experience. As we develop a stronger relationship and increase our ability to feel our own bodies, we increase our ability to emphatically feel the world around us. And from that place of greater awareness, we can change the world with kind thoughts, genuine words, and compassionate actions.

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Where in the World is Kaitlin Meditating

Guided Meditations from around the World

Specialized yoga, health & wellness videos...

Released each month.

The Armstrong duo are on the road as we speak; constantly seeking inspirational locations for their next yoga & meditation practice. Location based videos, specific to style and practice play a very important role in setting the mood and allowing oneself to fully let go & embrace the natural journey.