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In Balance Presents:

Body Intelligence Yoga Video Series

An online video experience focused on yoga, meditation & empowered living .

$12/month unlimited access. $2 goes to the charity of your choice.

Do you work at a desk?

7 Ways to Bring More Energy and Mindfulness to Your Workday

Learn how to beat those afternoon lulls without the coffee.  Get our FREE downloadable pdf and use your body to bring more presence and energy to your desk.

Experience In Balance...

Yoga & Meditation for all

A small sample of what to expect.

A duo dedicated to intelligent yoga,

On the open road...

Kaitlin & Ben Armstrong are living in Toots (their RV) and are dedicated to living their passions. It just so happens those are yoga/functional movement and videography.

Donate to a great cause...

$2 from each monthly subscription gets donated.

$2 from every monthly subscription ($12/month), goes to one of our sponsoring partners (Blissology/EcoKarma & doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation). You’ll have full control over which organization you would like to support. Plus, you will also have the ability to change your selection from month-month, from your account settings.